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the place where home owners own a park

As a boutique development, OnePark holds the promise of a one-of-a-kind living experience.

Built on our prized concept of a 360° green surrounding, OnePark breaks down the barriers between the indoors and outdoors; Step out of your door and be greeted by the tranquil sight of lush greenery and a wonderful array of parks, all yours to own and enjoy every day.

The charming eco-friendly homes at OnePark feature simple and sleek designs characterized by modern architecture. Designed and built in harmony with nature for comfort living in a luxury of space, OnePark is the perfect choice for nature lovers with an eye for contemporary minimalism.

The development is adjacent to mature housing estates and is surrounded by ready amenities. The homes are fully built-up with premium quality materials. No extension is required, thus making it hassle-free for the homeowners.

Verdant landscapes are not the only highlights of OnePark. This gated and guarded residential estate comprises of 2-storey freehold link homes built with complete and extensive security features to ensure a maximum peace of mind; Situated a mere 3 minutes from the LEKAS highway, OnePark is indeed minutes to everywhere, miles from the crowds. The development is built adjacent to mature housing estates and as such, amenities are readily available a stone’s throw away. Furthermore, the houses are fully built-up with quality materials and thus require no furthur extensions. This ensures that purchasers will be able to move in at a moment’s notice, and not worry about defects for the many years to come.

Awards & Accolades

  • The Safe Haven Award, also known as The Best Security Feature Award, awards projects that provides both physical and natural barriers, as well as employment of private security for a secred living environment for the residents.

  • The Class Act Award, also known as The Best Quality Finishing Award, recognizes projects that not only have beautiful aesthetic but also with functional design executed to perfection.

unique features

  • Greenarium Central Park
  • 3 Themed Parks (Calathium, Heliconium, Fernarium)
  • Premium Materials
  • Ensuite Bathroom @ all Bedrooms
  • Full-Built-up "No Extension Required"
  • Dual Frontage Design
  • Maximum Security "6-Tier"
  • Commercial Hub "Stone Throw Away"
  • Linear Park up to 25' Wide

22′ x 65′  (2,266 – 2,837 sq ft)


22′ x 65′  (2,168 – 2,799 sq ft)










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