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04 May 2016

More than just a sales gimmick, the development of eco-friendly homes is a pledge undertaken to provide a healthy lifestyle for the community at large.

Imagine waking up every morning to sound of birds chirping and sight of trees around your home. Such an atmosphere makes life more expressive and is a pre-requisite to healthy living. 

At Iwajib’s OnePark, going green is more than just planting trees. It is a whole new concept that is built into the essence of the development.

OnePark consciously takes away the boundary between the inside and outside of the home in a way that flora and fauna will greet the residents the moment they step out of the house, enveloping them in the warmth of lush greens and invigorating fresh crisp air. 

The comfort of the home internally and externally is the same, exuding the divine bliss of being one with Mother Nature.

OnePark is fundamentally a “Greenarium”, a word passionately carved by the visionaries who condensed the idea of creating a home with a 3600 green surroundings. 

From the point of entry into the residential property, one is immediately transported to the wilderness as the path is lined with trees leading to the central park. 

There are also the kids’ playground, a jogging track, gazebos and a community building for the diverse needs of the owners and residents of OnePark.

The developer, Iwajib Group, regards the venture as a meaningful contribution to the planet.  

“We are in a world today where our resources are depleting with aggressive human activities. In this regard, we want to be different. Making a difference to the world we live in and the lives of people is our ultimate goal,” said Iwajib Group CEO Datin Adeline Quak.

“Our designs emphasise on natural lighting and natural air ventilation in every home in addition to a practical landscaped garden with stringent security features thrown in,” Quak added.

OnePark is located in Taman Semenyih Idaman. It has 250 double-storey link homes nestled on a plot of land along the main road of Jalan Semenyih before Semenyih town.

Shopping is a major consideration when choosing where to live. A new mall is coming up in the vicinity while several hypermarkets are just a stone’s throw away.

OnePark is surrounded by schools and tertiary education institutions that will be ideal for young and mature families alike. 

For medical attention, there are several hospitals just a short drive away, making it perfect for those looking to retire into the quietness of nature and being close to essential conveniences. 

Living in a green-friendly hub is not a distant dream, it can become a reality. OnePark is a gated and guarded residential estate with homes that encompass living in and with nature.  

The stringent security features are single entry-exit point, smart tag and six-tier security system. 

The system has 24-hour security guard service, clock-in system guard patrol with personnel equipped with walkie-talkie, CCTV surveillance, seven-feet high perimeter fencing with solar energy lightings installed, panic alarm buttons and home alarm system. 

Solar energy lightings will ensure availability of night lighting when electricity supply cut-off occurs.

The medium-sized enclave on OnePark is just minutes away from the Semenyih Exit (2101A) of Lekas Highway, making it a breeze to access the KL city centre. Lekas is linked to Silk, Plus, Grand Saga and other major highways, which connect to various parts of the Klang Valley.

Quak shared: “As a responsible developer, we are committed to developing quality property that meets the aspirations of today’s home/business owners. We will always strive for excellence.”

As a boutique developer, Iwajib is devoted to ensure that every project it undertakes is in harmony with nature and the environment for the well-being of the residents and community.

OnePark is meant to be a stress reliever for those who get caught up in the daily rigours of work and commitments outside the home. 

Take the first step today, call 
017-816 0388/ 017-225 0388/012-271 0389 for an appointment or visit or Facebook: OnePark, Taman Semenyih Idaman and the rest will fall into place in no time.

Source : The Star, 4 May 2016 by Mak Kum Shi

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