How to Find Your Dream Home

Your dream home can be a great investment in you are planning to settle there for some time. Before you start searching for listing and contact your agent, save yourself some time by identifying your priorities and know what you want in your home.

We always hear about how location and only location should be all that matter when it comes to real estate. The truth is, it’s also the surrounding environment around the location that makes a house a home.

While every buyer has different desires, here are a few points to consider and ask your real estate agent.

Understand your financial affordability

While there may be many influences saying that you should splurge a slight bit more just to get a home that you want, most of the time it does not work that way. First of all, know what is your price range after you are pre-approved for a mortgage.

Understand that location is one factor that will greatly influence the price of a property —and you don’t want to shop at places you can’t afford. Your real estate agent should help you to narrow down the locations that are within the range of your affordability.

You should also consider whether you are willing to work on extra renovation for your dream home.

Know what you need, and what you can’t live without

It’s time to put a list of what you need to be happy with your new home. Although there is the financial card to play, that doesn’t mean you can’t build yourself a little heaven. Keep in mind and know the difference between what you want and what you truly need to live.

This is a personal preference, but be true to yourself; because you will be living there for quite some time. If you have pets, you should be considering a fenced yard.

If you care a great deal of your car from unpredictable weathers, a shed or garage is a must-have. And if you want to have kids, buy the right house for the anticipated size of your family.

Explore different neighbourhoods

Determine what works for you; whether you like urban development area, or prefer quieter suburban or rural area with some distance from the commercial and entertainment needs.

Visit the locations you’re considering at different times of the day to get a sense of traffic, noise and the overall vibe. Explore the local atmosphere; if there is easy access to highways, whether you like the view and if you are happy with the amenities.

It’s also a great idea to walk around and down the block to get a rough idea how your neighbours are. And if you are getting a positive vibe and comfortable with the location, you’ll be ready to secure your dream home!

Home structure

An ideal home structure can serve you and your family well for the years down the road. You should take time to decide whether you are looking for a single or double story, townhouse or condo.

Then take into consideration on what architecture styles do you like best, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, whether your flooring will be hardwood or carpeted and so on.

Always keep in mind what are the spaces and purpose you need to allocate to your home and you will be able to optimize the best layout for your dream home